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What is this? How do I use it?
This is free PDF hosting. You click the browse button, select a PDF file on your computer, and click upload. I'll store your PDF online and give you a URL you can access it at to share with friends, clients and business associates. Yes, it's free pdf hosting!

Is registration required?
Yes, you have to register to use my service.

What formats do you support?
You can upload PDF files. Your PDF should have the correct extension (.pdf), and the filenames should not include spaces or invalid characters.

What is the maximum filesize?
The maximum filesize with NO donation is 2 MB (per file, not per account). The maximum file size for donors is 25 MB (per file, not per account).

How many files can I upload?
You can keep up to 5 uploaded files at a time if you are not a donor. After donating there is no limit to the number of uploaded files that you can keep.

How long will you host my PDF files?
I keep free PDF files online for 30 days. If you are a donor, your file stays until you delete it. I welcome ebook uploaders!

Why would someone want to use this service?
Every day, people in business need to send PDF files to clients and vice versa. The problem is, many ISPs and hosts no longer allow these to be received via email. Hosting companies charge for this service and also it can be complicated to figure out how to FTP a file to your hosting account, or you may not have access to the hosting account.

How much should I donate?
Any donation amount is welcome. Most users seem to donate between $10 and $25. If you find the service useful you can make further donations in the future.

Make sure you read the rules before uploading anything.


Your donations keep us online